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Has Google Maps replaced SEO?

Has Google maps taken over from SEO? Are those emails from Indian SEO firms worth it anymore to your local business?

It's 2022 and things have changed. Drastically.

If you do a search in Google these days for anything that's local, you might have noticed that there are 3 or more listings from the maps first.

Is your business in these 3 listings?

You can clearly see "natural" listings below the maps listings. But that's maybe too late. Most new customers looking for a store are going to chose one of the 3 listings above.

And it's important to realize that these customers do not know you as yet, so the main reason for the Google Maps listings is to get those juicy new customers, not to make your old customers come back.

You should be putting at least 50% of your marketing efforts into your Google Maps listing since the benefits can be so large.

Let's get started!

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