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Creating and posting regularly to your business blog is the perfect way to build credibilty, trust and clout in your industry.

Creating content that is valuable, helpful and filled with expert information helps potential customers to see what you can do better than how you can say it.

But if you're busy serving your customers, then you don't have the time.

Biznitos will write original content for your blog, based on materials that are in your own business. We'll research and write compelling posts in perfect English and other languages.

We will also format, augment and update your website with blog posts that you write yourself.

We'll create 180 days of a content calendar to make sure that blog posts are published on the schedule that you want, and that you're ok with the ideas for each kind of post.

Pick one of our plans that post monthly, bi-weekly or weekly and let's get started!

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Get your content done by experts for a fraction of the cost of hiring a freelancer or staff member.

Monthly Posts

$99 /month

One piece of content for your website and social media every month.

  • 1 Newsletter
  • 4 Submissions*
  • Lead Generation
  • Photos & Videos
  • 1000 Subscribers
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Bi-weekly Posting

Most popular

$199 /month

Two pieces of content for your website and marketing channels each month.

  • 2 Newsletters
  • 6 Submissions*
  • Lead Generation
  • Photos & Videos
  • 5000 Subscribers
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Weekly Posting

$299 /month

New content every week for your website and marketing channels.

  • 4 Newsletters
  • 12 Submissions*
  • Lead Generation
  • Photos & Videos
  • 10,000 Subscribers
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* Content that you send to us for editing, formatting and posting each month.