Collect Emails

No more paper forms at the register. Use a smartphone or tablet instead.

Welcome to a new age of collecting emails with the Biznitos app, where filling out long paper forms at the register is a thing of the past.


There is nothing more frustrating for customers than to fill out long paper forms at the register. Biznitos makes it easy for you to collect customers email addresses while you are interacting with them in your store.

How it works

By handing over your smartphone or tablet with the Biznitos app to customers, they can enter their name, email address and telephone number in less than 5 minutes.

What you will love about collecting emails using the Biznitos app.

It Saves time

It's a very quick process that will not take up much of you or your customers time. You hand them the device, they fill out the information and hand it back to you.

Emails can be collected from anywhere in the store

You don't have to wait until customers reach the register to collect their email address, you can do it on the floor as well

You can capture customers photo to add to their profile

With this feature of the Biznitos app, you can add customer's photo to their profile. This way you can easily match a face to a name and email.

No more reading customers poor handwriting 

Customers handwriting isn't always easy to read and you can easily mistake letters and collect an email address that doesn't work.

Capture Emails wherever you go

With Biznitos app you can capture emails and phone number wherever you go. If your business is attending a trade show, a local farmer's market or an expo or even if you meet a potential customer at the supermarket, they can easily enter their information and just like that, you have successfully collected an email. 

Finally, Biznitos allows you to sync your Google address book so you can start mailing with all your Gmail contacts.


Start using Biznitos in under 5 minutes on any smartphone. No installs required!

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