Prompt  Actions

Prompt Actions

Every email makes your customers take action

Send emails to the customer with a Call To Action that will grab their attention and prompt them to take action. After all, that's the most important part of the email - getting customers to take action.

Asking customers to take some kind of action is the main reason why you are sending them an email in the first place. Though really important it can be challenging as well. Having a Call To Action tells the customer what to do which will determine how promptly they act.

Biznitos made it easy for you to add a Call To Action to your emails that are relatable. In all cases, your customer clicks a button at the end of the email. 

Call To Action that will encourage prompt action

Act Now

Save Now

Use words that will encourage some form of urgency to get customers to take prompt action.

Call Us

Add your telephone number to your call to action and make sure it's clickable so that customers on their smartphone can click to call.

Email Us
Clicking on this button launches the device's email client with the subject already filled in

An easy way to ask if customers are coming. Launches a special form that customers can fill out with their RSVP information.

Make an Appointment
Perfect for service-based businesses. It launches a form where customers can enter a date, time and notes for their appointment.

Add a URL to your order page so customers can buy your item online, or it could be any URL for any website to get more information on your products or services.

The default action, if you've selected no other. This launches a form that the reader can say why they like the offer.

When writing your message, always start at the end by deciding on your Call To Action first. You'll naturally write your offer in a compelling way that will lead you to the desired outcome.


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