Send Offers

Easy as posting to social media, just more effective!

Sell more and convert your contacts from interested leads to paying customers by using Biznitos to help spread the word to everyone on your email contact list whenever you have a special offer or a promotion.

 It's never been easier to send an offer to customers on your list.

There's one simple reason why you get Amazon, Target, Walmart and other emails in your mailbox every day... that's because they work. The world's largest retailers are sure to send you an email at least once a week. And those that don't well, you forget about them real quick.

Sending offers to customers on your email list will be most effective when you know your customers. That way you send what your customers want or have an interest in. 

How it Works

  1. Use the Biznitos app to take a photo of an item in your store on your smartphone or tablet and upload it.
  2. Next, add a subject line that will grab your customers attention.
  3. Then add a brief description of the item and you are done.


Ideas of special offers you could email to your customers.

New Inventory
Got something new and interesting? Take a photo, add a description and send to your loyal customers so they get a heads up first.

Discounted Items
Need to get rid of old stock? Simply mark it down and send a mailing with the discounted price. Be sure to talk up the fact that only your local customers will get these discounted emails.

Free Giveaways
Have stock that is just not selling. Mark it down to insanely low prices, or better yet, give items away when customers purchase up to a certain dollar value.   

Product Information
Sell shoes? A great example would be to send emails on how to polish leather so it lasts a long time. Product help shows that you care about your customers.

Have a Service Business
Hairdressers, Plumbers, Restaurants and other similar businesses can take photos of the work they've done, delicious dishes and quickly send them to repeat customers.

However you do it, you literally "sell to the list" with the Biznitos retail app.

Start using Biznitos in under 5 minutes on any smartphone. No installs required!

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