Website Included

Website Included

Every account comes with a website to showcase all your postings.

Empower your store associates by handing them a device to use, or letting them use their device. 2. Easier to use than programs such as Mailchimp and Constant contact - but even more effective.

Biznitos is much easier to use than its competitors! You will not even need to train your employees on how to use it. MailChimp has online courses available due to its difficulty level. Our interface is easy to use, and intuitive like texting. Anyone who can work a phone, already knows what they are doing when they use Biznitos. The interface is easy to navigate by touch on a smartphone. Our ease of use translates to your everyday peace of mind during the workday.

Use your existing device to access our web app. Consider allowing your employees to use their own devices so that no one is caught unprepared. You could consider putting in a tablet stand, and having a station for customers to enter their own information without needing to interact directly with an employee. Some customers may be more likely to sign up if this way is an option that is easily available. If this doesn’t sound feasible, remember to put up an instructional sheet somewhere near the register. This way customers may decide to enter their information while waiting.

When you hire a new employee, there is often a difficult number of days worth of adjustment. Our service is so easy to use, you don’t have to worry about us being that one extra thing to do during those training shifts. It’s helpful with getting the business back on track after being short staffed, or can quickly compensate for a surge in business. This is a feature that is popular with businesses with on and off seasons.

Not only will your employees find our site simple to use, but customers will also as well. When you let them fill in their own information, you create room for dialogue. Instead of dictating their information to you, they can type while you talk, or you can thank them for their patronage. It’s an advantage to have more natural conversations with customers, which can create brand loyalty. If customers feel more like they’re interacting with a person, and not giving a person orders like a robot, they’ll have a better emotional connection to the business.

Remember that what makes your business stand out is always partly due to its employees. Use our web tools to cut down on busy work and keep efficiency high. Your employees will enjoy the shift in workload from paperwork to more interactive work. It’s a good move to make for your customers as well. We help you avoid confusion that causes hold-ups in service.

The question is, what will you do with all your new found free time and morale boost? Maybe you can implement that feature of your business you’ve always envisioned adding in someday. Maybe you just want your day off back. Whatever it is you decide to do with it, make sure to take a little of your free time to relax and congratulate yourself on a decision well made. Biznitos is here to help you make more time available for your business to do its own unique thing!

Start using Biznitos in under 5 minutes on any smartphone. No installs required!

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