Email Newsletters

Email brings back your old customers. Let's write and send them for you.


Your website and social media helps bring new customers to you. But a newsletter brings back existing customers to buy from your business all over again.

That’s why email, websites and social media completely different and at the same time complementary to each other.

An astonishing statistic is that repeat customers if done properly, can account for up to 70% of your potential revenue.

And email is your best bet to bring them back again, because you absolutely do not want to rely on social media to let your customers know about new services or updated inventory.

We’ll help to manage your mailing list and send a newsletter every week, biweekly or monthly to your subscribers.

We’ll collect information and write your newsletter, then make sure you approve of it before sending it out. Contact us to get started now.

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Monthly Posts

$99 /month

One piece of content for your website and social media every month.

  • 1 Newsletter
  • 4 Submissions*
  • Lead Generation
  • Photos & Videos
  • 1000 Subscribers
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Bi-weekly Posting

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$199 /month

Two pieces of content for your website and marketing channels each month.

  • 2 Newsletters
  • 6 Submissions*
  • Lead Generation
  • Photos & Videos
  • 5000 Subscribers
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Weekly Posting

$299 /month

New content every week for your website and marketing channels.

  • 4 Newsletters
  • 12 Submissions*
  • Lead Generation
  • Photos & Videos
  • 10,000 Subscribers
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* Content that you send to us for editing, formatting and posting each month.