Not getting enough reviews?

Reviews mean everything. Use this free tool to help alert and remind your customers to leave you a review.

Check the reviews first...

94% of customers read reviews before making any purchasing decisions. And for product-specific information 95% of shoppers read the reviews before making a purchase.

Does the food taste good?

For local services, 97% of people use reviews to pick local services. 60% of consumers read reviews for restaurants and cafes, 40% of hotels and 33% for medical services.

Just saying "I'm good" is not enough.

Just telling customers about your product or service is not enough. Customers also crave knowledge from actual first hand experiences.

Improve your Business

All kinds of businesses such as public services, hotels, restaurants, recruitment, retail and health care have all gained perspective by looking at customer reviews to refine their marketing strategies and improve their services. Business that don’t have reviews are missing opportunities to grow their business.

Engage emotionally

Reviews are a great opportunity for businesses and customers to build a relationship with each other. Establishing an emotional connection with customers is shown to increase revenue more than 23% than with non-engaged customers.

Spend less on Marketing

Positive online reviews are worth a great deal. Each review is like a mini marketing campaign that keep working long after your actual marketing campaign ends.

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